Our Goals

Health Care

MRSSS NGO has implemented different health care programs in the rural districts of Patna. Child Health Project is being implemented in the most underserved villages of Patna District. This project survey has been conducted by the MRSSS NGO based on the reproductive health of women and adolescents and the health status of children of 0-6 year. The society wants to prevent STI, HIV/AIDS among people and to aware the community about Facts and effects of HIV/AIDS. Counselling services provided common people for HIV, and TB testing.

Environmental Sanitation

The Organization is doing its best to improve the quality of life of the rural population by generating demand for sanitation and awareness for construction of low cost latrines in their houses. Open defecation causes lots of infectious diseases. Organization made its efforts to aware the community about personal, domestic and environmental hygiene. School rally, meeting with SHG and farmers club held in each village. In the meeting discussions were held on diseases caused by unhygienic practises in daily routine lifestyle.

Fight Against Corona

The people in underprivileged communities are facing the shortage of food, medicines, masks and dry rations due to sudden lock down. We are trying to ensure that no family remains hungry due to loss of livelihood and work. We have adopted the families and are ensuring that they have sufficient food at home. We have connected the households and the retail vendor to provide for essentials in each house. Amidst the lock down, our team members are in the field to ensure that children get their needs met, whether it is for notebooks or for food. They ensure they deliver it at their doorstep.