About Us

Maa Radhika Shidheshwar Sewa Sansthan (MRSSS NGO) is a social development and relief organization which is not for profit, non-governmental and non-discriminating charity organization created in 2017 and received its legal status on 10th October with Registration No: S000458 of 2017-2018. 


MRSSS NGO is a vision of his pioneer and current Secvretary Sachidanand Kumar – A Social activist of Patna, Bihar. MRSSS NGO is a concerted effort of Sachidanand Kumar and a group of Local youth and sociologists who were all concerned with the plight of at-risk and most vulnerable populations and their communities.

We thank you all for being our parenting support to meet our needs and help us to grow. We could make this all happen for the humble and caring support that you had for this noble cause. Thank you, for sowing more seeds in this season of our lives so that we can see more fruits in the future.

The organization supports at-risk, vulnerable inhabitants, and their communities by enabling the poor, exploited orphans, vulnerable children, adolescents, and caregivers to overcome illiteracy, ill-health, poverty, and exclusion. MRSSS NGO was launched with a strong commitment to act and speak for children, adolescents, and caregivers whose voices have been silenced by gender-based violence, cruel cultures, illiteracy, hunger, injustice, unjust tradition, inhuman treatments, sickness, lack of parental affection, accident, natural disasters, etc. MRSSS NGO works to help children, adolescents and caregivers live a better life.


Our experience and expertise as a grassroots, locally based, social development organization gives us a unique ability to affect social and economic justice, in all its forms, through our community action projects and programs.

Maa Radhika Shidheshwar Sewa Sansthan is Registered with the Registrar of Societies and the type of NGO is Registered Societies (Non-Government) bearing the Society Registration Act, 21 of 1860 and the Registration Number is S000458 of 2017-2018. The city and state of registration are Patna and Bihar. The date of registration is 10/10/2017. Our Unique Id of VO/NGO is BR/2020/0257557.


Our Mission

To contribute toward its vision for the world, MRSSS’s mission is to ensure those women’s rights; social, economic and environmental justice; and sustainable development principles-as well as the linkages between them-are at the heart of global and national policies, programs and practices.

Our vision

We aim to improve education, health, etc. with a focus on children & women of deprived vulnerable sections of the society ensuring they grow up healthy – physically, mentally, confident & self-respecting. Mobilizing for participatory development strategy for improvement of socio-economic indicators through effective management of locally available resources.


Our motto is not to look away, but to take a very close look wherever we perceive social, socio-cultural or environmental discrimination. We want to make an active contribution to more justice and equality of opportunities for all people, no matter where they were born. Our guideline is to help people to help themselves.